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Santa's Safety Tips

A merry Christmas is a safe Christmas. Here are some smart holiday safety reminders:

- Have a parent make sure your home smoke detector is working right.

- Keep your tree and decorations away from heaters, fireplaces, candles, and other heat sources.

- Make sure somebody turns off the Christmas tree lights when everybody is ready for bed or when everybody leaves the house.

Dasher the Reindeer with Safety Sign

- Keep toys with small parts away from babies and toddlers.

- Do not leave toys on stairs or in other areas where someone might trip over them.

Santa's Pet Safety Tips

- Fire and burns can be a threat to pets. Holiday hazards include lit candles, potpourri pots, and fireplaces. Always keep your pets away from these things.

- If you have a real Christmas tree, make sure your pets cannot drink the water from the stand. Check around the tree often for fallen needles. Sharp pine needles can cause pain and harm to your pet's stomach if swallowed.

- Do not use tinsel on your tree. Your pets could become sick from or choke on the tinsel.

- Keep wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows away from pets. These can cause stomach problems if chewed or swallowed by your pets.  Be sure to throw these away soon after opening  gifts.

- Many holiday plants (poinsettia, holly, mistletoe) are poisonous to animals. Keep these plants away from your pets.

-Keep holiday foods in secure containers and out of reach of your pets. Eating the wrong foods can make your pet very sick.

- Keep candy, especially chocolate, away from your pets. Many ingredients in candy can be toxic, even deadly, to pets.

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Santa's Christmas
Pet Safety Printable Coloring Page

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Santa's North Pole Mailbox

pet safety
Holiday Pet Safety

Santa Wish List
List for Santa!

Reindeer Mask
Reindeer Mask
Reindeer food
Reindeer Food
Hidden Santa Picture
Hidden Picture

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