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5-day North Pole Weather Forecast from santa times photographic
Santa not only has his headquarters and workshop here at the North Pole but Santa also has a weather station here too. Every morning Santa and his helper, Aurora B., go out (except on Christmas Day when Santa takes the day off to rest) at 5 o'clock to check the weather at the North Pole Weather Station. Santa takes temperature, wind, and humidity readings for this Santa Times web page.

Aurora B. North Pole Weather Elf
Color Aurora's

Santa says that here at the North Pole the temperature can go as low as -45°F in the winter. "It gets quite cold," Santa says. "However, we only get about 20 inches of snow every winter. But that's just perfect for me and my reindeer."

Santa says the North Pole is dark all throughout the winter. It's called the Polar Night because the sun does not rise above the horizon from about September 21st until March 21st every year. But it's light all the time from March 22nd until around September 20th. Santa says that time of the year is called the Polar Day.

North Pole Weather


-12 °F

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